Author Guideline

Scientific papers that will be considered for publication in Al-Ittihad: Jurnal Pemikiran dan Hukum Islam must meet the following requirements:
1. The paper is related to Islamic thought and law.
2. In the form of conceptual articles or research articles with the following anatomy:
a. Conceptual articles: title, author, abstract, keywords, introduction, discussion, closing (summary and conclusion), and bibliography.
b. Research articles: title, author, abstract, keywords, introduction, method, results/findings, research, conclusion, and bibliography.
3. The identity of the author includes: the name, institution, and email of the author. If the article is written by two people, both names must be included. If more than two, then the name that appears in the text (article) is the chairperson only accompanied by et al., while the group name is included in the footnote.
4. Length 15-30 quarto pages, double-spaced, MS Word, Time New Roman and Font 12.
5. Original writing, own work, and has never been published in other media or journals. The author sends the original manuscript accompanied by a flash disk, or via email with the address: or email
6. Use an abstract of 100-150 words and keywords of 3-7 words.
7. Citation techniques and reference list writing using Turabian Style. The use of Reference Manager is highly recommended in this case to simplify and use according to standards. For more details, see Turabian citation style and reference manager application: Mendeley